Thursday 22nd June 2017 – Sunday 25th June 2017

Hi all,

After several days of very warm to hot weather and a risk of thunderstorms later on Wednesday, we’re finally back to more accustomed conditions.

Thursday: The humid air is now being pushed away to the east after yesterday’s showers cleared the air. A lot of cloud with some localised light rain or drizzle for the morning but it will tend to become a little brighter into the afternoon. Much cooler. Max 18°C

Friday: Cloudy with some rain at times, clearing later into the evening to bring some drier conditions and perhaps some brightness. A fresh westerly breeze. Max 17°C

Weekend: Bright spells and showers. Breezy.

Saturday: Bright spells and some showers with a noticeable breeze. I prefer this to the horrible humidity we experienced earlier in the week. Max 17°C

Sunday: Fewer showers, in fact some places dry with some brightness, and hopefully not as breezy as it was on Saturday. Risk of some rain late-evening and overnight. Temperatures around normal. Max 16°C

Outlook: Likely to turn more unsettled with showers and temperatures slipping just below normal.

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Forecast Issued at 12:30pm on Wednesday the 21st of June 2017


Thursday 10th July – Sunday 13th July


It’s an interesting forecast this week as warmer, humid air pushes in from the east which will produce some lively showers as air masses meet.

Thursday will be a sunny day and feeling pleasant especially so during the morning. Cloud spilling in later in the day as rain spreads in from the east in the evening with some heavier bursts, especially over the hills. Highs of 20’C.

As we head into Friday the rain band will move west and introduce much more warmer and humid air. It will feel very pleasant indeed in any sun but we can expect the warmth to trigger off some scattered heavy, thundery showers. A warm night ahead. Highs of 22’C.

Saturday will remain humid and feeling very warm in any sunshine. Expect a day of bright spells and scattered showers which will be heavy and possibly thundery. Highs of 22’C.

At the moment it looks likely that Sunday will be a little fresher, as winds are westerly. The bright spells and scattered showers theme continues, and heavy. Less humid with highs of 20’C.

Next week: Sunny spells and showers. Temperatures around average.

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