Thursday 3rd August 2017 – Sunday 6th August 2017

Hi all,

First off, still no sign of anything summery and worth a BBQ in the next 5 days. After that, there is a chance high pressure builds in from the southwest.

Today is the 8th day in a row with rain, the 17th day in the last 21; not the summer we hoped for after it had started well.

Short-term; little change.


Low pressure continues to bring unsettled conditions with showers

Thursday: A windy day with frequent blustery showers which could be thundery. The widespread showers should become a bit more scattered later in the day. Feeling quite warm and humid despite the rainfall. Max 19°C

Friday: Low pressure still in charge. Breezy with bright spells and showers, and some heavy. With more of a westerly airflow it will be cooler. Max 17°C

Weekend: Not too bad overall

Saturday: A cool breeze but it should not be as windy as previous days. Sunny spells and just a scattering of showers. Max 16°C

Sunday: Bright spells and any showers should fade by the afternoon as cloud increases with a risk of some light rain from the west overnight or into Monday. A little milder. Max 18°C

Outlook: Rain early next week then hopefully high pressure squeezes in from the southwest and settles things down, so becoming drier, sunnier and a little warmer. BUT, latest forecasts suggest, it will be short-lived.

July 2017 Stats

Max 24.9°C (disappointing)
Min 9.9°C
Wettest 17.4mm
Windiest 36mph
Rain 75.2mm (average)
Rainy Days 23 (ouch!)
Dry Days 8

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Forecast Issued at 12:45pm on Wednesday the 2nd of August 2017


Thursday 11th December – Sunday 14th December

Updated Wed 10th December at 17:15

Hi All,

The unsettled and the generally cold, windy weather continues.

Thursday sees the windy conditions stick around with strong gusts especially in the showers. Some of the showers will be wintry with hail. Feeling cold. Heavy rain with strong winds push in from the west later on and overnight with further windy weather with hill-snow possible and even possible to lower levels. Max 6’C.

As we enter Friday the rain could turn to snow before it quickly moves away and the wind turns to a more north-westerly direction so turning colder with some wintry showers and snow is possible again especially on the hills. Again windy but also some welcome sunny spells. Max 5’C.

Friday night might see a more organised band of wintry mix spread down from the north but it’s low risk and it is more likely just to be icy and a frosty overnight.

Saturday dawns cold with a frost but will be a better day with some sunshine on offer but feeling cold with a fresh north-westerly wind. Sleet or snow showers are not to be ruled out but these will be very well scattered. Max 5’C.

A chilly start on Sunday but any brightness will be replaced with more cloud from the southwest and it will turn milder and breezy. Rain developing during the day but mainly patchy and not too heavy. Max 8’C.

Looking ahead it’s briefly milder before another colder spell brings wintry showers and frost. This cycle repeats throughout the week.

Next week I’ll give you a peek at Christmas Day.

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