Thursday 13th April 2017 – Bank Holiday Monday 17th April 2017

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I hope you all enjoyed our first warm spell of the year last weekend and got some sunbathing or a BBQ in before the weather changed quickly on the Sunday afternoon. In fact, the temperature dropped from 18°C to 11°C in just a couple of hours.

Big temperature drop last Sunday as winds turned NW-ly.

So, will the warm sunny weather return in time for Easter?

Headline: Changeable with Monday, followed by Saturday, looking the best days of the Easter Holidays.

Thursday: A day of some bright spells but generally cloudy. We might catch the odd shower during the morning. Cool breeze. Max 11°C

Good Friday: Don’t expect much in the way of sunshine. Mostly cloudy with a spell of light rain likely which will turn drizzly later. Cool. Max 10°C

Saturday: Cloudy with some showers during the morning but hopefully an improvement into the afternoon as the showers ease and it turns brighter. Max 10°C

Rain moving in on Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday: Any early brightness fades as cloud thickens and rain arrives from the west. A little uncertainty on how wet it gets as the rain might slip a little further south. Feeling cold with a freshening breeze. Max 10°C

Bank Holiday Monday: Hopefully, a little ridge of high pressure moves across the country, so after a chilly start with a possible ground frost, a dry day with sunny spells and a little milder. A chance of some rain from the west late-afternoon or into the evening. Max 12°C

A chilly northerly wind later next week

Looking Ahead: Some spells of showery rain but not amounting to much. Later in the week it remains cool as winds could turn northerly.

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Forecast Issued: 11am on Wednesday April the 12th 2017


Thursday 17th March 2016 – Sunday 20th March 2016

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In my terms, we are in a pattern of settled but boring weather. Not too warm, not too cold, no frost, no snow, no rain, some dull days, some bright days but nothing to keep an eye on. The only positive, is it gives me a bit of a well-earned, much-needed rest.

With the settled pattern set to continue I will have a look at the outlook for Easter and give a ‘most likely’ forecast rather than the media tripe that has already been published.

easter media bull

A usual Daily Express headline rears its ugly head again – No signs of a heatwave

A chilly start on Thursday, and if we have had clear spells for long enough then perhaps a touch of frost and some fog patches. These will lift into low-cloud but sunny spells expected during the day. Max 8°C.

We have high pressure firmly in charge of our weather hence the dry and settled spell but as we enter Friday this will slip to sit to the northwest of Ireland meaning we drag in a cold northerly breeze. However, another dry day with bright spells is on the cards. Some areas may keep some stubborn cloud. Feeling chilly. Max 7°C.

saturday pressure chart

High pressure that’s giving us settled weather drifts into the Atlantic

The weekend will be mostly dry but I can’t promise wall-to-wall sunshine.

Saturday and Sunday will be similar. A cool breeze from the north and with it plenty of cloud floating around. Some of this may be thick enough to bring some drizzle or light rain to unlucky spots but quite localised. It will remain feeling cold but pleasant in any sunshine. Overnight frost will be possible where we have clearing skies. Max 8°C.

Looking ahead and little change for most of next week but there are signs that we will see the high pressure drift away as we approach Easter. This will allow some rain to push in from the northwest followed by a chilly southeasterly breeze. No heatwave on the radar, with it even being cold enough for some frost over Easter Weekend. Of course look out for updates on Twitter as it is still 10 days away.

frosty start to easter weekend

Possibly a frosty start to the Easter Weekend

risk of a wet easter sunday

A risk of rain on Easter Sunday

easter sunday max temp

Predicted maximum temperatures for Easter Sunday – certainly no heatwave

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Forecast issued at 13:30 on Wednesday the 16th of March 2016